A background review of experience-based capabilities acquired and exercised over the years:

Corporate Management

Position brand in rapidly evolving markets
Negotiate and review contracts prior to finalizing by legal staff
Manage large office staff
Liaison with foreign agencies

Production Management

Organize, orchestrate and execute complex photo shoots
Conceptualize and assist photographer plans for shoots
Edit photo submissions
Get the picture on time and on budget
Organize and administer event coverage
Edit film for stock or editorial use

Marketing Management

Oversee, design and create web sites and CD catalogs
Computerize systems for sales analysis
Standardize interoffice and agency-photographer transfers of information and photos
Select images for marketing
Advise how to maximize press coverage of corporate events
Proof read marketing materials

Operations Management

Optimize and automate processes to minimize labor costs
Oversee, train and perform scanning, computerized image enhancement and keywording
Train personnel in various computer programs
Conduct Macintosh trouble shooting, network configurations, training and software maintenance
Coordinate needs between photo production, marketing and sales
Oversee and expand business and creative functions of a company
Communicate and work in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Write or edit communications for suppliers and vendors
Conduct training seminars
Write training procedures and operating guidelines
Type 100+ words per minute

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