Overview of experience-based capabilities acquired and exercised over the years:

Randy Taylor embodies a unique mix of entrepreneurial experience and capabilities with business, management and creative skills. His greatest value is on critical projects that demand methodical organization, unlimited creativity, team work, dynamic problem solving by thinking "outside the box", and a clear vision of the future and how it relates to the success of the project.

Corporate Management Skills

Provide visionary leadership for business objectives
Initiate and guide entrepreneurial projects or corporate divisions
Negotiate and review contracts prior to finalization by legal staff
Liaison with foreign suppliers, partners and clients
Mitigate corporate risk in copyright and intellectual property
Create and present business plans and funding requirements

Creative and Marketing Management Skills

Position brand in evolving markets
Organize and orchestrate complex creative team efforts
Manage and maximize press coverage of corporate events
Edit photos for editorial, marketing and advertising use
Optimize and automate processes to minimize labor costs
Conceptualize, create and manage web sites, SEO/SEM campaigns and related digital marketing

Personal Skills

Proficiency in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Proof read and edit marketing and corporate materials
Travel and work efficiently in foreign countries
Type 100+ words per minute
Hands-on experience with most common software applications
Proficiency in all aspects of photography, including creation, distribution, marketing and keywording

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